Thursday, February 13, 2014

More snow!

We're supposed to get another foot, on top of the one that's already out there. It's coming down hard. The Boy has a snow day today. I am supposed to work tomorrow, in Northborough, and go to a workshop for work after my shift...we shall see! If I can drive, I shall go. I need the money.

I'm not feeling awfully Witchy lately...I am having a hard time in my personal life, and I know that connecting to my Witchy self would really help in that direction...but it's hard to do that when I'm feeling so low.

I had promised, last year, to keep up a Daily Practice, including meditation, self-blessing, grounding and centering, journaling. I have slacked off hard, with those things.
Yesterday I did smudge and do my self-blessing, and I did feel all the better for it. I have been grounding and shielding wherever and whenever I can-- the Short Version, lol!-- but it does help.

This water-poisoning in West Virginia, and now the coal sludge crapola in NC, is really getting to me. I am impotent and helpless and the best I can do, here in MA with no money to send, is to thank and bless the water that comes out of my tap every time I shower in the mornings. I am remembering my gratitude with the things that most people take for granted. I am picking up another three-liter jug of water when I go to the store, in case it's our turn next to have poisoned water. This is an outrage, and in my mind, terrorist acts by our own people...well...corporations, sanctioned by our own governments...if these acts happened *to* us by other countries, we'd be on it like white on rice. I could go on and on, but I shall the meanwhile, I am thankful for what I have, and for my boy's health and my True Love's health, and for clean water and breathable air. Thank you, thank you.

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