Saturday, March 21, 2015

I knew it, I knew it! It's SO Spring. It snowed today and I was like yeah, so what, it's not "real". Heehee! Now it's bright and sunny and very, very pretty out. I just went out barefoot to check my mailbox.

The other day? I put my bare tootsies on the Earth for the first time since Winter commenced! There's no grass yet, up here. No green. But I could tell. Things are stirring, deep in the Earth. I heard Asheville already has buds on the trees. I remember from living there, that they're about an hour behind here, for sunrises and sunsets, and about a month off for seasons. I'm so confused, still, by frost-free dates and such.

I am so glad I have been mostly keeping up my grounding and shielding every morning. I do mine in the shower. Where do you do yours? I honestly would love to have the patience to do altar time, and ground and shield there, but I don't, and plus, my altar is way on top of my upright dresser, so, until I get another surface where I can put an altar and not have to practically tiptoe to see it....this will have to suffice.

It's so funny to hear people talk about the Equinox as "The first day of Spring". Um, no. It's the MIDDLE of Spring. Which is why, for instance, Midsummer is called, duh, MID summer and not The First Day of Summer. Whose silly idea was it to arrange the secular calendar like that?

Anyway. I think this is the first time in years and years I have looked forward to the changing of the seasons to the warm seasons. You betcha I will complain about the superheat of Summer, but for now? I am reveling in the warming of the planet, here in my new little corner of the Northeast.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Spring is on its way, I am sure of it. I can smell it. I can feel it in my very fiber. And for the first time in years and years, I am looking forward to it.

Because of all the snow, I'm guessing. We didn't have that in Asheville. Much. I hear they got hit with a bit of storming, lately, though! I think it's fun when the whole city shuts down.

My family, and many people I know, would have it 80* and sunny all.the.time. If they could. Heck, not me. I love winter. Summer is my very least favorite season, but I am going to learn to appreciate summer this year if it kills me!

I saw a whole flock of crows today, cawing their little heads off. I love crows. LOVE them, and they make me so happy. I wonder what kind of omen it may have been to have a whole couple of dozen of them above my head as I came out of work? There is nothing so nifty looking as the silhouette of crows, sitting on the brances of a bare tree in the winter.

I have noticed that I notice things, such as sounds, of crows, of trains-- I stop and listen. They make me perk up my ears. I wonder do other people do that, but I think they probably go through life with blinders on, and earplugs. I would like to think they do not.

Ramble, ramble....I do apologize for my blathering, this time. I shall try to be more coherent in future!