Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good morning, choochoo train! I can see the trains right outside my window. I love trains. I have lived near trains all my life.

Out my window, you see: first the street, then the highway, then the train tracks, all parallel, one and then the next. Some folks would hate that. I feel like I have my eye on the world. Beyond all those, is the hill, behind which is Holy Cross college. I can't see the college in the green season, except for the very tippy-tops of the buildings, so sometimes I can pretend it's mountains. It's lovely that I get up mostly before sunrise, even on the weekends, because the Sun glints over the very tops of the trees as He rises.

It's a balmy 48*F this morning, here in Worcester, Massachusetts. I am loving it. I'm sitting here in the silence, with my fuzzy green dinosaur jammie pants on, and a flannel shirt, and big knee-high fuzzy socks. And a big mug of steaming coffee, with frothed milk, in a mug that depicts pumpkins and colored oak leaves. I'm so happy.

And, it's Caturday! Today I am going to replace the screens in some of the windows with the storm windows, maybe, and take out the air conditioners.
I have about a week left of dieting, and then....crock pot! Soups! Stews! Chilis!

Have I mentioned how much I love this season?

The world is going to hell in a handbasket...sigh. I'm doing my best to keep my little corner of it clean, and kind, and bless it-- happy.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Oh, my very favorite season. My friend Heather, as far as I know, coined the term Septober. I love it. Well...honestly I don't know if she made it up herself, but she passed it on to me.

Mostly it's still been H.O.T., but I have been feeling Fall in my bones for a week or two, now. Yesterday, I looked out my window, and watched the dead oak leaves whirl and dance in our little parking lot. The leaves have not yet started to turn. They must be from last year? But there they were, frolicking in the wind.

Today, I watched the itty bitty birds-- I think they are house sparrows-- pecking at tiny tidbits only they could see, out in the street.

I think my favorite part of being a Witch is intentional Paying Attention. My fancy gets caught by things most people don't seem to notice-- a change in the wind, birds, clouds, patterns. I'm learning, watching, all the time. Sometimes I get busy with the mundane, as we all do, but when I remember, all it takes is a shift of attention, and...bam! Magic happens.