Saturday, September 26, 2015

Good morning, choochoo train! I can see the trains right outside my window. I love trains. I have lived near trains all my life.

Out my window, you see: first the street, then the highway, then the train tracks, all parallel, one and then the next. Some folks would hate that. I feel like I have my eye on the world. Beyond all those, is the hill, behind which is Holy Cross college. I can't see the college in the green season, except for the very tippy-tops of the buildings, so sometimes I can pretend it's mountains. It's lovely that I get up mostly before sunrise, even on the weekends, because the Sun glints over the very tops of the trees as He rises.

It's a balmy 48*F this morning, here in Worcester, Massachusetts. I am loving it. I'm sitting here in the silence, with my fuzzy green dinosaur jammie pants on, and a flannel shirt, and big knee-high fuzzy socks. And a big mug of steaming coffee, with frothed milk, in a mug that depicts pumpkins and colored oak leaves. I'm so happy.

And, it's Caturday! Today I am going to replace the screens in some of the windows with the storm windows, maybe, and take out the air conditioners.
I have about a week left of dieting, and then....crock pot! Soups! Stews! Chilis!

Have I mentioned how much I love this season?

The world is going to hell in a handbasket...sigh. I'm doing my best to keep my little corner of it clean, and kind, and bless it-- happy.

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