Thursday, April 23, 2015

I think this is the first time since, oh, forever? That I am just the teeniest bit anxious for warmer weather. Well, no....not warmer so much, but sunnier and greener. It was nearly 70* the other day, and that's very nearly my max outdoor temperature where I can still maybe wear long sleeves, and wear fuzzy dinosaur pants indoors. Okay, I admit I also have fuzzy Hello Kitty pants, but hush now-- I love Hello Kitty, and I'm sure lots of you do, too, and I promise I won't tell.

So here it is the 23rd of April and I still have not taken off the plastic that's on the three windows, and I still have my flannel sheets on, and I still have all four blankets including the wool one. It's very cozy at night....except that I am croning, actively, and a couple times in a night, I have to throw off all those blankets until the sweat dries and I'm freezing and I can snuggle down in again.

There's buds! There's buds! The trees have baby colors on the edges of them. I'm so excited. I saw a willow over at Elm Park today, near the pond, and I am SO going over there to see if she has dropped a stray branch for me.