Thursday, March 10, 2016

So...funny how illness is. I have stopped basking. I can't stay still long enough. I do sometimes now find myself utterly exhausted, and then I go lay down, and if I have the chance and that sun is shining through my bedroom window, then I will bask in it, but I'm not making a point to stop and go bask like I was when I was sick. Or coming out of the sick. 

I found me a sweet spot by a river yesterday. I have driven by it umpteen times in the past almost 3 years and I do not know how I missed it. I swear I made skidding sounds as I yanked my car to the side of the road. Got out, tussled through the still-wintery brambles until I could get down near the water. Felt SO grounded, putting my hands in and letting the water flow over me. Then I found a tree that lent me its strong trunk to sit by, and watch the water for awhile. Ahhh.

Ima find that spot again and go utilize it, though I know from some of the trash that other people use it, too...a tiny liquor bottle, for one. When I came out of there, some guy on the other side of the street asked me what time it was, and then asked if I would give him a ride-- in the other direction from the way my car was facing. Um, no.
Which makes me wonder if it was a safe thing to do, go traipsing around in the woodsy area right in the city by myself, but heck. I needed that river and I'm going back there and aside from magickal, perhaps I shall bone up on my ninja skills.