Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I have put this blog on the back burner and I really have to not. I just wonder if people get bored hearing about the weather.

So, it's nearly the end of May, already! Wherever does the time go? I suspect it's that thing about getting older and time going faster...I had a theory about that when I was rip-roaring drunk, years ago, and what scared me is how it still held water after I sobered up. Yikes. It had to do with the theory of relativity...but it's too early to get my brain warping that much ;)

As a Pagan, my calendar is a bit skewed from the secular calendar. I believe Midsummer (around 23 June, Litha) is MID-summer, and that's why it is called MID-summer, because it's the middle, duh, not the beginning like our calendar says. That being said, then, Beltane is the beginning. Of summer. So it's been summer here in Massachusetts for twenty-six days, now.

And while the temperature still hasn't much hit 80* yet (yay me! I'm not dying of heat!), all the trees are in bloom, the daffodils and tulips have come and gone. Bad me, I planted my Easter gift daffodil bulbs in the back yard during the rising moon. I am no gardener, bad Pagan me, but I think if they are bulbs they should have been planted on the waning? But I just couldn't wait to get them in. And see if they come up next year.

Today it is supposed to get to 85*. Which is above my limit of tolerable. But I suspect that in Asheville it's been 85* for a month or more. I don't cotton well to hot, so it's all good, being hot for much less time up here, not to mention I don't have the air conditioner window units in, yet. It's nice to sit here at 6:30am and have the windows open, enjoying the 62* breeze.