Saturday, February 8, 2014

Random New-Blog Musings

Here is my family: Me. The Boy, just turned 13 years old. True Love, who just asked me to marry him on my this-past-birthday, in November (I said YES!). And our newest family member: Hobbes, the 7 year old kitty-cat-meow that I got for The Boy for his birthday, from the rescue shelter.

Hobbes came to us on January 19th. He seemed to acclimate really well really fast, which is a wonderful thing, because he was surrendered from his old family, where he was for his whole 7 years, because, get this-- he was going outside his box. Because the family got a new baby (understandable), AND a new cat and a new dog. So they gave up on Hobbes. I am heartbroken whenever I think about this!
So Hobbes started going outside his box HERE, pee only, over the last 3 days or so, and I took him to the vet ($189...on a credit card...sigh) and they said nothing's wrong. Nothing in the lab work. Turns out, I think, that besides being kind of a nervous kitteh, he suddenly decided he didn't like his litter anymore.
Got new litter and put in a few more boxes and he peed in both, so *cross fingers*...I really don't like the upheaval, either, having to not have bathroom rugs because it is bloody COLD on the bare tootsies on a tile floor when it's 11*F outside.

I digress...I am supposed to be (according to me) writing about my Craft, being a Witch, moving from NC to, it's Winter here. Full-on Winter. |
Asheville, NC, barely has a winter anymore. From what I hear, they actually Got Snow this year, but if you ask me, it's more or less the first time since '09 when we got like two feet and the whole world shut down for a week while Buncombe County tried to figure out what to do with all that snow.

Here, mostly, people don't even bat an eye. There were THREE plows on my street the other day. Granted, I'm not on a major street, so they don't get to it till mostly later in the day or the next day, but they do plow, and they do salt, and they do sand. Buncombe County, I hear, has just four plows for the whole county. My thru-street rarely got plowed or sanded. So this is kind of a novelty, watching people here get rid of snow just as fast as it can come down.

The what-passes-for-a-backyard (I live in the city-- rare green spaces, this) is covered in feet of snow, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. I have a bird feeder but I haven't seen anybody in awhile. There are six giant pine trees (The Sentinals) guarding the parking lot of the 3-decker that we live in. I haven't seen the birdies that nest in those, either, in awhile. I wonder if birds go away altogether, here, in the cold, cold season. I would, if I had itty-bitty feet.

I am finally meeting local Pagans! On the 15th of this month, I am meeting with three members of the UU church we go to, to plan an Ostara ritual. Four people...well, that's one for each quarter, provided they do that...they've been meeting for awhile and I am the outsider, so I shall have to hush and see how they do things.
I really, REALLY miss Mother Grove the organization I used to go to their open rituals in Asheville. If I'd stayed there, I would have probably been getting lots more involved. I have to find my footing here. I have to. I miss my tribe, I really do.

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