Saturday, February 1, 2014

Merry Meet, world wide web folks! Yes, this is new, but it's a continuation of a blog I had at another site, only the other one didn't allow comments and since I got brave enough to put my thoughts out there in public, it would have been kind of nice to not just have "followers", but "commenters". So here I am.

Anyway, my family moved to MA from NC in June of 2013, and I can't believe we've been here over 7 months already!
Still getting used to living in the NorthEast after being in the South since 1988. Lived on the Outer Banks for 14 years and then Asheville until last year. I feel like I've moved to another country, with the accents up here! I dunno if I will ever get used to the New England accent.

I shall have to continue this later. I just wanted to set it up, for now.
So here I am. Weird photo, this!