Friday, August 12, 2016


Oh, it is hot. It is hot beyond hot.

It was 96* at its peak today, and I do not do well in the heat. WILT. I wilt. And, hot flashes. In the heat. Oh, misery.

I do elder care, and the lady I care for in the morning does not have AC in her home. It was eighty-five degrees in her house. Eighty-five.
Thankfully it was only three hours and I was able, somehow, to power through and say little prayers of gratitude, like mantras, that I am able to be of service to her.

But it makes me wonder, with all the elderly folks I care for and have cared for, they all get cold, all, and when is this magical day when I start to run cold? I never have.

Nor, now I think of it, have I ever, most of the time, slept less than 9 hours at a stretch. I can get by on eight. Barely. But that was supposed to start diminishing with age, too, and ain't happened yet, and when I get as old as the people I care for (my current one is 88yo), they sleep more, not less, and geez Louise I will be sleeping my life away.

Now, sleep is paramount, to me. It's one of my top priorities, or I can't function.

So, in one of the threads I'm following on Facebook, one of my Witchy friends has posted What Are You Doing For Self Care. I did not write sleep, though I should have. I did write that I am taking time for Netflix (OITNB Season 4, anyone?), which if I don't make the time, I won't take the time, know what I mean?
Hey, how cool is that, a new saying, woohoo! and it rhymes, too! I win!

So that, and I am sending love and blessings to someone I love, who is in a peck of trouble right now, and it's not likely to diminish anytime soon. And putting slips of paper in my Blessings Jar, which I will read one by one at the New Year, and see just how blessed I have been over the past year.

It's Lammastide, and I am, as I've said before, enrolled in Joanna Powell Colbert's 30-Days courses, which I love. You can't beat $19.99 with a stick, and you get a daily pause and dose of seasonal Witchery, and also a nifty secret Facebook group to share on. It's really super cool.
Or, hot, as the case may be... boy, I'm full of shenanigans today, aren't I?
Which I'm usually not fond of, nor Midsummer, because, well, heat, and as I said at the beginning, I am not fond of heat.
But this time I'm able to... well, languish. I'm wanting cooler weather, sure, but I am not pining for it as I usually do. I'm able to lay back and just be, and be in the moment lots more because of the things I learn and share in those groups.
So I'm gonna attempt right now to link JPC's home page, and if you go to the bottom, you will see a link for Ecourses, and you can sign up for the next one: Oooh, I think it worked! Now go see for yourself how cool she is. She lives way out off the West coast on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Someday, perhaps, she and I will meet in person.

At any rate. That's enough ramblings from me, today. Go do some self-care, Witchy ones! A nap, perhaps? Go languish, while the languishing is good.

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