Saturday, July 9, 2016

On Happiness

I am learning from my many failed relationships that I can only create and get happiness from within, not depend on getting it from without.
It’s a journey.
So, Alanon, plus Gretchin Rubin, plus many other pokes from various sources.

Living in the moment is helpful. I have to practice mindfulness, and I don't always. It's a mental shift, but when I can do it, and that is a little more frequently, they are lovely Be Here Now moments.

I’m learning and believing that joy and happiness are *choices*. Sometimes, when I have grief or unhappy or grumpy, or depression, which I can be prone to, I still get to *choose* to wallow in those for the time being, and let them happen. This too shall pass, whichever I am going through.

Happiness isn’t about getting rid of negative emotions. We’re a bundle of ALL the emotions, and that is okay. Sometimes it makes me happy to realize it's okay to feel all my feelings. 
Creating and re-creating myself. If this isn't magick, then what is?