Monday, June 20, 2016

Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!

I mostly celebrated in my head, but yesterday I set out treats for the fairies-- slices of almond-poppyseed cake, strawberries, and milk/cream. They accepted all! Yay!

I wore my bright yellow Sun shirt to work today, with the sparkly bling on it, and my Sun earrings that my friend Ginger made, and sparkly gold eye shadow and sparkly gold nail polish and my amber necklace that basked in the Solstice sun all day. I ate chicken and eggs and cucumber salad, and had coffee and I got all treaty and had a Dr. Pepper and I had strawberries with cream.
I basked in the Sunshine my ownself, out by my favorite Tree. 

And I finally set up a nice, but simple, altar. It looks good and I'm happy with it. 

Saturday upcoming is the ritual out at Asphodel, the people I circle with (First Kingdom Church of Asphodel, which sounds like a real church of sorts, but they're not; they're Pagan as all heck). I get to be Solsticy all week!
 It's supposed to be like 85* on Saturday! Finally, we have a Summer, of sorts. It's been right cool up to now. 

My big celebration was putting an AC unit in my bedroom, today. It was 84* in there! It's 74* in the rest of the house, which is fine and liveable. But no way could I sleep in that. I set the AC to 74* but it's not that cooled off yet. It's better than it was, though! 

How are you celebrating Solstice? 


  1. that sounds perfect! love all the solstice-y clothing and bling you had going on. i had such grand plans, but it sort of fell thru. i did make our traditional summer solstice lemon no bake pie which is yummy! and i put up an altar. sigh

  2. Dang, lemon pie *slurp*....Yeah, I'm weird about bling and stuff, for holidays. I have coffee mugs that I trade out for each one, even.