Sunday, August 30, 2015

FLEAS. Oh, ugh.

August is only 2 days into being over. OVER. Yay! One (hopefully) more week of 90+ degrees. Summer's last blast. I am a little bit wistful, because we didn't do anything summery. No picnics, no beach. The Boy didn't want to, True Love is insanely sun-sensitive (as in he gets blisters from just 15 minutes! Ack!), and I really didn't much feel like doing things alone. Though I could. I should've.

Soon as I posted my last post, I picked up another client for 10 hours a week, and might get more with her, so yay hours! The downside: they have indoor/outdoor kitties, and I brought home an unwelcome hitchhiker: fleas. Oh, dear lords and ladies, no.
Years and years ago, my then-boyfriend and I had a HUGE, huge flea infestation. Our friend ended herself up homeless for a stretch, and we agreed to take care of her two cats, but no animals allowed in the off-season summer cottage we were renting, so they stayed out in the wooded area behind the house, and came back for food. In this itty bitty cottage with hardwood floors, we got a giant flea infestation.
I counted the bites on my one leg between the knee and foot, and there were over 100 bites. I had just as many on the other leg, bites on my thighs, booty, belly, boobages, arms, neck.
My boyfriend wore these giant motorcycle boots that came to his knees. After work, in order to get ready to go out clubbing, I had to put these boots on outside the door, jump on a chair indoors, change into my going-out clothes, jump back out the door, put my own boots on, in order to not get bit.
We tried everything. The fleas seemed to get immune to every remedy we tried.
I went to a vet, who said, "I don't know, but you better figure it out, or you are going to get hospitalized".
Needless to say, I'm just a bit idgity about fleas. Plus, we have Hobbes now, our giant lovely boy-kitty, who just turned 9, and he is itchy, too, poor boy. He's an indoor kitty only. I feel awful.
I guess this week is going to be Get Rid Of Fleas Week. Ugh.
This is worse than when we ended up with two months of passing lice back and forth, three years ago.

Gawd, I know we're sharing the planet with all sorts of critters, but I wish the itchy ones would LEAVE US ALONE. Shoo, critters. Go 'way.

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