Sunday, November 2, 2014

It's November!

It's November, and wow, busy. Ain't gonna let up soon, either. Because my birthday is November 17th and in my book, it kicks off the Winter holiday season. I made, and am still making, a bunch of homemade stuff for people for Yule and Christmas gifts, and I am hoping to get lots of that done by my birthday.

Last night was the return to Eastern Standard Time. I have to say, I loathe, and I mean loathe, Daylight Savings Time. I think Mom Nature does a fine job all by her lone, making the light shorter in the Winter and longer in the Summer. Why do we meddling humans have to mess with it? And then mess with it more, by pushing back the shoulders by a week or two on either end? GRR!

So, we shall see how my body reacts to it this time. It often kicks my butt for a week.

And I was right about the peak leaves...I think the very peak day was the day after I wrote my last post, October 17th. It's drear out there for sure, since, and especially now, and is getting drearer, if that's a word ;)

I hear Asheville got a couple of inches of snow! Even here in MA we did not get any. We got a hella rain yesterday, but not cold enough for snow. That's alright...there'll be plenty soon enough.

But-- soup weather! Stew weather! Crock pot weather! Hibernating weather, oh, yay! You? Favorite season? Which? And why?

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