Thursday, October 16, 2014


It has been a whole season of Air, for me. Last post, I mentioned that my father was an airline pilot, and I put things of Air next to him on my Samhain altar...the bird's wing, the feather, the crow.

I keep getting Air messages and images...breezes, and you know, the other day I was marking the breeze and it felt like I got my whole brain aired out. WHOOSHED out. Hush about, any of you who want to say there's nothing in there anyway *glares at you*!

Today, we had a rain storm, all day long. The leaves are in full glory now, but by Sunday, when it's supposed to be pretty and sunny and 50* tops, I bet most of them will be blown down. seems so benign, yet is so powerful.

I've been thinking lots about words, lately, and whether they have power or not, and how much power...they're an Air thing, I do believe. And yes, power indeed. That old children's rhyme SHOULD have been "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words, YES, they will hurt me". Words will cut for years and years and decades, where physical hurts only leave scars for a short time, by comparison.

It's a thing to do, I think, to become aware of how one uses one's words. I've been trying to, if not delete swear words from my vocabulary, at least use them in a discretionary able to modify what I say in which company. I have realized there is a very split second of time in which I have the power to say or not say, and in that very split second, I do make the decision. It is very conscious, though tiny. See for yourself if that's not true. Pay attention to when you are about to say something hurtful, and see if you can stop yourself. I bet you can.

I know there was more I wanted to say about ADHD brain has made it go POOF. Like, well, a breath of...yeah, Air.


  1. wonderful post. and you are right, there is that second where you can choose to NOT say something, it is being aware of that and then making the choice to hold your tongue or at least pick another word/sentence. great reminder. thank you

  2. Thanks! Yeah....constant lesson, that, eh?