Monday, September 22, 2014

Blessed Mabon!

The temperature has finally changed. I was a little worried because I finally put the flannel sheets on-- my very favorite day of the year!-- and it turned hot. That day. Ugh.

When we lived in Asheville, I would do that, change the sheets out to flannel ones, and it would turn hot for a week solid, I kid you not, and I would put the air conditioner on rather than change the sheets back and then change them back again.
But here, now, this was just Saturday last, two days ago, and on the same day, we took out the window unit air conditioners and then flipped the mattress (side to side, if anyone wants to remind me for next time I need to flip it, which way I want to go) and put the flannel sheets on.
Then, Sunday, yesterday, it went to like 70+ degrees AND was humid as all heck. I had to stay out of the living room.

So we went out to Cauldron Farm for their Equinox ritual-- 3rd time there, 3rd time excellent time. LOVED it. Love those people. I am thinking about joining them, as a member. I miss Mother Grove a LOT-- but these are the coolest people, and I'm not going to be living in NC again anytime soon. I do really like them lots. They are real and true and they put on good ritual and you can't ask for better than that. Plus, it's a real farm, with goats and chickens and things. And a fire pit!

I am still dieting and did not partake of the potluck-- go me! But I still am stuck right at about the same weight for about a week or two, now. I'm not trying to maintain, dang it, I am trying to lose. Maintaining is for after I lose all I want to lose, and I want to lose 5 more pounds and I want them off last week and I want to eat. NOW. I'm getting off this next week no matter what. I'm hoping against hope that I can at least get three more pounds off before I do. I'm sick of the yo-yo.

My Mabon will be just a tad late, but I am having pork ribs in the crock pot and maybe apples and onions and mushrooms. Ideas? Is that good? It sounds YUMMY....happy Mabon, all. I wish you balance.

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