Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's hibernating time!

Which means, I have been working my tookas off. That's alright, because I need the money, but I will be losing 27 hours a week, come New Year's.

Honestly, I am ready for the time off. Time to turn in. Time to hibernate. Time to curl up in my cave and my blankets and fire up the crock pot. Time for soup. Time to add the fresh nettles and chard that I froze over the summer. Time to READ. Time to watch movies. Time to slurp up extra echinacea and elderberry, just in case.

I have the Llewellyn's Witch's calendar and this month has a piece by...somebody; I didn't mark the name before I sat down at the computer to write this.It's a short but excellent piece about the dark season. Why many people get seasonal affective disorder and why people are so unhappy this time of year-- because we (collectively) live the same way year 'round now, and don't embrace the season, the dark, the turning-in.

I don't get affected by that-- I love the dark season, but this year I am paying special attention to the turning-in, to the hibernatiing. With all the strife that is going on in the world, in my own country, I need the resting time, the healing time. Outwardly, I am giving more to others, when I can. In my heart, I am keeping the dark season. Getting ready to welcome the Sun.

Blessed Solstice!


  1. i would love to read that piece. i find that seems to be true. my life here in az is litereally the same year around. day after day the sameness... maybe that is what makes me nutty

  2. I don't know how to get it. It's the Llewellyn Witch's calendar for 2014, the wall calendar, the piece for December. I don't know that it's findable online. If you can't find it, I'll *sigh* type it out for you ;)