Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The skunk cabbage is rolled up and I now have two fat cigars of it, tied up with embroidery floss. It's still not drying much, and I hope it does not rot or mildew before it does. Well...it is an experiment after all.

Someone I know has a huge yardful of dandelions. Yesterday I snipped off a bunch of dandelion heads because I saw a recipe online on how to make a salve, or a bar that you use for dry skin, out of them. They're drying a bit in a 8x8 pan, so they don't mold in the oil that I'm going to next infuse them in.

I love nature. I love how it provides things we need, if only we look. A friend of mine posted on Facebook that dandelion is his favorite flower, and I chimed in that it's mine, too, and a comment said "I thought dandelion is a weed, not a flower?"
My answer to that was, "weed" is in the eye of the beholder. Tiny little suns all over my friend's yard. I saw a couple of beautiful honey-colored bees nipping and tasting at the dandelions. I made sure to leave plenty of them for the bees.
I'm thinking of getting a bee tattoo. Maybe.

Also, I got a peppermint plant and a rosemary plant, in pots. I haven't grown these things indoors before. Well, rosemary I tried to keep over the winter, and it did not last-- yum on salmon, anyway! I hope these last. I wonder if my peppermint gets big if it will proliferate outside in the back "yard".

On Beltane I had lots of plans-- was going to go to a semi-public ritual I heard about, but we got up late and slugged about, and then I got a badly upset stomach which lasted all day long. Good thing we didn't go, because their porta-pot got flooded, I hear.
This weekend, though, my new little group of 4 or 5 is having our Beltane ritual. I love how Beltane can last the whole month of May!

Blessed Beltane! Blessed summer.


  1. Hello Maiasaura -- thanks for the info re Freecycle -- I had thought there was one in Asheville but had no experience with it. A great idea.

    I have kept rosemary over winter in pots quite successfully -- they do need lots of sun and must not dry out. You don't want them soggy -- just moderately damp.

    1. Thanks, Vicki! I didn't know you were subbed to my not-often-enough blog :) But thank you for the tip. I am a woefully awful gardener, to my eternal dismay. Everything in my apartment gets dry practically overnight. It's hard to keep things damp, let alone wet-- I water once a week and you'd think I'd not watered in a month. Figure, the aloe is doing wonderfully!